Diesel exhaust emissions

Combustion of Diesel fuel in a vehicle produces a number of hazardous and toxic emissions, that are released into the open through the exhaust gas/fumes.

A complete combustion of diesel will leave only CO2, but the lack of sufficient oxygen in the combustion cylinder produces a number of other substances:

  • Carbon Monoxides (CO) – invisible gas that prevents oxygen from being absorbed in the blood.
  • Hydro Carbons (HC) – reduces the amount of oxygen available in the breathable air.
  • Nitrogen Oxides (NOX) – increases the acidity of the environment.
  • Particulate Matter (PM) – causes lung-diseases and reduced breathing capacity.

The of emissions that a vehicle produces is governed by different emission legislations in most developed countries all over the world. One of the leading legislations is the EURO-standards that apply to every vehicle produced and sold within the European Union. A vehicles EURO-classification reveals the maximum emission values that the vehicle is permitted to produce.

All of the above mentioned substances can be removed or heavily reduced by Engine optimization, but in order to comply with the most recent standards, installation of additional emission technology is required. Dinex is a world leading developer and manufacturer of emission technology, and is capable of supplying solutions to comply with even the tightest emission standards. Our solutions are available for installation on new vehicles in the OEM-industry, as well as retrofit upgrades to older vehicles. Read more here on our website, or contact your local Dinex sales office and let us help you finding the solution that you need.

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