Dinex wins order for the debated DSB IC 4 trains


Dinex has won the order for silencers to DSB IC 4 and has already started delivery. Future development projects are already in the pipeline and the foundation for a long-term partnership has already been established.

DSB (Danish State Railways) contacted Dinex to get our support for solving a dysfunction on the silencers mounted on their IC 4 trains as DSB was unsatisfied with the silencers supplied by an Italian manufacturer. The silencers did not live up to the quality and durability needed on the DSB trains, and Dinex was asked to develop a silencer which could match the specific requirements.

DSB silencer

Silencers for DSB IC 4 trains

Customized design

Dinex started the project by understanding the needs for the silencers in detail and based on this, the developmentiterated to a final solution with focus on low leakage rate and low skin temperature, which also consider the extreme thermal exposure generated by the engines. This product is designed in aluminized steel but specifically adapted to high temperatures.
The silencer is specially designed to eliminate potential material movements and pressures which can often result in cracks when exposed to high temperatures.

Foundation for a long-term partnership

The total business with DSB amounts to approx. 25 million Danish kroner. Dinex will deliver 308 silencers to DSB as 77 trains with four power packs (engines) each needs new silencers with updated design features.
Dinex has already sold 200 silencers but DSB plans to develop a third version which Dinex will develop during fall 2017 and implement during 2018 and 2019. DSB expects a life time on approx. 10 years on IC 4 trains and the needs for spare parts is expected to be around 11 million kroner from 2020 and onwards.

DSB IC 4 train (driving over the bridge to Funen where Dinex HQ is located)

About Dinex:

Dinex has 1,250 employees operating globally in more than 16 countries with headquarter in Denmark, 8 factories, and 7 sales and distribution companies. As a full system supplier, Dinex is the aftermarket equipment manufacturer (AEM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market leader in Europe, with its own core after treatment technologies for all emission reduction requirements. The company has a long history focused on the heavy-duty market with a global production and technology platform. For more information visit: www.dinex.dk


Hans-Christian Hauerslev, OEM Sales Manager, TEL.: +4563412647, E-mail: hha@dinex.dk

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