London LEZ

From 3 January 2012 a tighter emissions standards applied to the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and more vehicle types will be included.

The London LEZ covers the majority of the Greater London Area within the M25. From 3 January 2012 larger vans, minibuses and other specialist diesel vehicles will be affected by the LEZ for the first time and lorries, buses, coaches and other specialist heavy vehicles, which already are affected by the LEZ, will have tighter emissions standards. If you own this type of vehicle, it must meet certain emissions standards if you want to drive freely within the LEZ.

  • Larger vans, minibuses and other specialist diesel vehicles will need to meet the Euro III emission standard for particulate matter.
  • Lorries, buses, coaches and other specialist heavy vehicles will need to meet the Euro IV emission standard for particulate matter.
  • If your vehicle was first registered as new with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) on or after 1 October 2006, it will meet the Euro IV emissions standards and you won’t need to take any action.

If your vehicle doesn’t meet these standards, you’ll need to take action to avoid paying the daily charge.

DiSiC® Catalysed
Dinex currently offers the retrofit solution DiSiC® catalysed. A closed catalysed filter, which reduces particle emissions by 95-98%.

  • Upgrade from Euro I, II & III to Euro IV
  • Maintenance with usual service intervals
  • Extensive range of 1:1 replacements for your existing silencer - no pipework changes necessary
  • Approved by TFL
  • Supplied with DiNLOG monitoring device
  • Approved in all European environmental zones
  • Up to 8/10 reduced fitting time compared to universal solutions
  • Active regeneration solution available for vehicles with demanding duty cycles
  • DiSiC® catalysed is an RPC approved device.
  • DiSiC® certified in all required EU countries –allowing free access into all European low emission zones and reduced road taxes where applicable.

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