German LEZ & MAUT

Retrofitting diesel particular filter
In order to reach the particle reduction class 2 (PMK2) and the green plaque vehicles with EURO I, II or III norm need to be retrofitted with a diesel particular filter.

Dinex offers a comprehensive filter programme for the emission reduction of commercial vehicles with more than 400 approved vehicle types.

Advantages of the Dinex programme

  1. Reduction of road charge  
    EURO I, II & III upon PMK 2 and green plaque
    EURO savings:             II - III                 III - PMK2            
    100.000km €8.400 €2.100 
    150.000kr  €12.500 €3.150
  2. Vehicle specific solutions
    Easy and cost effective installation – direct replacement of the silencer including complete filter system, without changing construction.
  3. Type approval (ABE)
    Certification of KBA (Kraftfahrbundesamt) - ensures free entry into the German and European environmental zones.
  4. One product for all applications
    Consistent storage and customer consulting.
  5. Resale value secured

Dinex covers 90% of the market
The closed filter DiSiC ® catalysed is eco-friendly, has a high-quality and long-living. Dinex produces all components of the diesel particulate filter on their own and has more than 10 years experience retrofitted over 30.000 diesel particular filters in Europe.  Today we have in the truck segment  a market coverage of 90%.

Road charge regulation
The new road charge regulation is effective from the beginning of 2009. Thereby low emission vehicles are paying considerably less road charge than vehicles with higher emission pollution. By retrofitting a vehicle with a particulate filter a better pollution class (PMK/ particle reduction class) can be achieved.

The German federal office of freight traffic (BAG) additionally advances the retrofitting with up to a maximum of 3.600€ per vehicle. 

Detailed information
You can get detailed information on the homepage of federal government department of traffic, constitution and urban development –

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