Dinex Environmental Policy

The Dinex Group wishes to be regarded as a environmentally conscious and respected business partner and supplier. 

Environmentally friendliness is an integral part of the Dinex Group as our products and technologies are based on this.

The Dinex Group is committed to comply with relevant national and international legislation and other requirements as well as we proactively seek to enhance environmentally friendliness in all our operations.

Recycling & Waste Reduction
The Dinex Group devotes special attention to reducing consumption of energy and resources.

We strive to recycle wherever possible and when economically sound. 

We seek to reduce waste and dispose it in a safe and sound way.    

Leadership & Participation
In collaboration, managers and employees ensure that legal requirements and expectations are met or exceed. Through information and education, the Dinex Group motivates employees, customers, and suppliers to be environmentally conscious. 

It is expected that managers and employees act according to this policy and report any environmental concerns to ensure prompt corrective actions and improve standards.

Continuous Improvement
The Dinex Group is determined to minimise our impact on the environment by controlling the impact of our operations and constantly striving for higher goals. 

We seek continuous improvement of our standards by being one step ahead of legal requirements as well as employees are encouraged to rethink processes for improvements.

We also recognise the importance of having an open dialogue with stakeholders to facilitate learning and best practice in order to minimise our impact on the environment. 

We will contribute to a sustainable development by recycling, waste management, and preventing pollution by aligning improved standards and methods with our daily operations.

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