1:1 retrofit solutions from Dinex

Diesel Emission Retrofit

Fitting an emission control system to your vehicle to comply with legislation requirements, Dinex has developed a concept meeting every phase of your challenge.

Allows access to all Low Emission Zones
As opposed to EURO norms being the same all over EU, retro-fit legislation differs from country to country. Dinex has done the enormous effort to certify the DiSIC® diesel particulate filters in all countries that have established low emission zones; in Europe and elsewhere.

With a Dinex filter, you can therefore with peace of mind take your vehicle across borders to Berlin, London, Copenhagen, Rome………

Vehicle specific range for all makes 
With an extensive range for the "Big 7" (DAF, Iveco, MAN, Mercedes, Renault, Scania and Volvo) as well as all major buses, Dinex has a proven portfolio of solutions for all vehicles. Designs are made to be 1:1 interchangeable with the old silencer making the fitment cost tremendously reduced compared to most other available systems.

Using this concept also allows you to retain the original pipe work design – allowing competitive spare part access also in 5-10 years, ensuring no-one gets unpleasant surprises with regard to maintenance costs over the duration of the product lifetime.

Multi-technology product portfolio
Complying with legislation inevitably means different challenges for different vehicles. Hence Dinex has developed a multi-technology product portfolio with emission control technologies for all types of driving cycles.

This allows for a choice of technology to suit the individual vehicle. Whether its duty cycle includes lots of stop-and-go in the city or long distance distribution.

DiNLOG® monitoring
Each Dinex filter is installed with a DiNLOG® LED monitoring device ensuring on-going monitoring of filter load condition for optimum maintenance. In addition hereto the DiNLOG® ECU holds a significant amount of data ensuring professional service and advice on filter operation.

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