Unsere Mitarbeiter

We have various different qualities to offer our employees, but overall Dinex is a great and inspiring place to work, according to Alice and Sachin. Meet them here: 


Alice, Finance Manager at Dinex China – “inspiring place to work due to idea-generation and innovation”

“What I really value about Dinex is that new ideas are always welcome. If you believe in your idea, you get strong and kind support from your colleagues and managers. This makes it fun to work at Dinex because you really get to be creative and use your full potential. To me, it is also extremely valued that you can always speak your mind to both managers and colleagues.”

Sachin, Engineer at Dinex Finland – “Dinex lives the principle of lifelong learning”

“Dinex is a great place to develop your career. I appreciate that I get challenging tasks that requires of me to develop creative and innovative engineered products for our broad customer base. Dinex is quite unique because you learn while you do real work. You do not have to leave Dinex to seek new challenges, you will get them in Dinex.”


Mike, OEM Sales Manager, at Dinex US, Georgia – “global network & teamwork culture”

“Dinex provides me with the opportunity to work in a global business environment with market leading organizations. Dinex has always fostered a culture of teamwork while also being receptive to the ideas of individuals. In Dinex, we always strive for new innovations and improvements which ensures that we constantly learn and develop as professionals every day.”

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