Executive Committee

 CEO    SCM  

Torben Dinesen

With Dinex from 1990
Past experience from EAC

Birgit Bæk Thomsen
Supply Chain Director

With Dinex from 2018
Past experience from Velux & Nissens

 CSO    Production  

Per H. Larsen
CSO, Aftermarket

With Dinex from 2017
Past experience from SKF, SIKA and Bosal

Thorbjørn Høyer
Production Director

With Dinex from 2017
Past experience from Danfoss & EagleBurgmann

 CSO    HR  

Lennart Rasmussen

Since 2016, with Dinex from 2011
Past experience Velux and Micromatic


Lars O. B. Petersen
HR Director

With Dinex from 2017
Past experience from EagleBurgmann
& CPH West


Jannie Tholstrup

With Dinex from 2016
Past experience from Power & KPMG

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