Dinex, the global cleantech manufacturer and supplier of exhaust and emission systems for diesel and gas engines celebrated the Test Center’s 10-year anniversary. The Center was built in 2007 and located at the Danish headquarter in Middelfart.

World class facilities

Dinex’ test center is one of the most advanced in the world. The center is state of the art for advanced development and system integration of complete solutions for the industry. Dinex can test complete systems which includes emission measurement, computer simulations, sound test, vibration test, etc.

test centre

Dinex Test Center, Middelfart, Denmark

Dinex invested 50 mDKK when the center was established in 2007 and has invested during the years in new and more advanced equipment, so the center continues to cover all required capabilities. “The intention with the center was to attract more customers by offering them a fully tested system which our customers could mount directly on their vehicles without having to do further testing. Our test center is running at full capacity, so we have definitely achieved our goal”, CEO Dinex Group, Torben Dinesen says.

Unique competitive edge

The test center enables Dinex to test and develop its own technologies in-house which means that Dinex is in full control of its technology and products. Dinex’ competitors are primarily component manufacturers making it challenging to predict how all the components are working together in one complete emission system. This is where Dinex differentiates from their competitors. 

 “Dinex is unique in the sense that we can produce and test a complete system. We know how the complete system works, how components affect each other, and we are experts in simulating and testing which gives us a competitive advantage”, Torben Dinesen says.

The building of the test center enabled Dinex to take over the testing process for many of its customers. This was, and still, is a huge advantage for Dinex’ customers as many smaller customers do not have their own test facilities.

The key to future competitiveness – a competitive advantage

The 10-year anniversary means that Dinex has had 10 years to develop its competences and knowhow within the testing field and Dinex has especially advanced within computer-aided engineering (CAE). The design process for big OEM depends heavily on simulation of exhaust parts and subsystems. In a project for a big Chinese customer, Dinex has for example been able to reduce simulation time with 18 weeks. The accelerated simulation means 25% reduction of time-to-market and higher project throughput time which is essential to customers. This also means higher revenue for Dinex, as a more productive staff means more projects. “Our higher productivity will enable us to handle more projects because we have become better and faster which is also increasing customer satisfaction”, Team Leader of CAE, Kasper S. Andersen says.

AdBlue droplet

Flow trajectories in the front pipe of the exhaust system showing Adblue

droplet size and ammonia distribution on substrates

Dinex expects to further advance its competitive position through an international environment with technology clusters in Denmark, Germany and Finland. “The R&D and Engineering teams is a highly international environment. We have employees from e.g. India, Finland, Germany, Denmark and Romania. This contributes to a strong learning environment with different perspectives and knowhow about the complete system” Group Engineering Manager, Christian Berg Philipp says.

Celebrating together

All employees meet in the test center to celebrate the anniversary. Employees were competing against each other in teams and answering questions about the test center. After rewarding the winning team, employees gathered to enjoy a few snacks.

10 years test center

Celebration of 10-year Anniversary of Test Center

About Dinex: Dinex was established in 1982. Today the company has 1,250 employees operating globally in more than 16 countries with headquarters in Denmark, 8 factories, and 7 sales and distribution companies. As a full system supplier, Dinex is the aftermarket equipment manufacturer (AEM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) market leader in Europe, with its own core after treatment technologies for all emission reduction requirements. The company has a long history focused on the global heavy duty market with a technology and global production platform.

For more information visit: www.dinex.dk

Contact: Christian Berg Philipp, Group Engineering Manager, TEL.: +4563412553, E-mail: cbp@dinex.dk

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